Simple Somethings

“You never know when one act
or one word of encouragement
will change a life forever.”

When I came across this quote today, my heart did a mental rewind to Saturday when I came home and found a message “from” my chair. *giggle* I still don’t know who put it there, but honestly, I prefer it this way. Their little act of fun and kindness really touched my heart in a big way. (Read “To: My Favorite Booty” if you’d like the details.)

In fact, it touched me in such a way that I’ve decided to pay it forward – and not just once, but every time I get an inkling to do a simple something for someone else. If a moment presents itself, I plan to act on it.

That simple something might come in the form of a handwritten note sent to a friend who just happens to be on my heart that particular day. Or maybe when I’m in line picking up a special coffee drink, at a place that reminds me of someone else, I’ll get a $5.00 gift card to send to them. You get the gist…I just want to be better at slowing down and responding to thoughts of the heart.

I know that in my busyness I miss many opportunities like these. Someone will flutter through my heart and before I know it, I’m off to the next thought. Sometimes when I’m out and about, I’ll see a simple something that reminds me of a friend or loved one. I’ll have that thought of “Oh, I should get that for…” but again, my mind will move on to something else. The moment is gone.

Do you ever have moments like these? Do you ever wake up with a certain someone on your heart, or have a thought of someone just flutter through in the midst of other things going on in your mind? Like, just out of the blue? Do you think it might be possible the thought is there for a reason?

What if we were to slow down a little bit and just linger there for a few moments. Encouragement, sent to another, in any shape or form is always a wonderful gift. Right?! So, I want to encourage you to act on it in some little way. Because, you never know…what you may think is very small and silly could change a person’s entire day – or life.

As you can plainly see…someone’s simple something meant the world to mine. 🙂

Happy Monday, friends!


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