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Friday Chats / July 25th

Friday…how do I love thee! It was a busier than usual week for me. Last night I literally fell into bed at 9:30 p.m. If you know me well, you know that’s pretty early for me. I can often be … Continue reading

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Pep Talks / July 21st

“Strive for progress, not perfection!” I came across this quote over the weekend and wrote it down because I like the optimistic reality of it. The article it was attached to was about weight loss and more specifically, running. But … Continue reading

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The Porch Post / July 18th

The past month was a busy one. HB and I were working on projects around our home, which included making one of our dreams come true. We live in a little suburb area of Sacramento; it’s one of the typical … Continue reading

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Who’s Setting the Bar?

HB and I have found a great couples devotion. Every Saturday morning we start our day on the porch, with coffee in hand, as we dive into some positive and, often times, very deep conversations about us and life. We’ve … Continue reading

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