Friday Chats / July 25th

Friday…how do I love thee!

It was a busier than usual week for me. Last night I literally fell into bed at 9:30 p.m. If you know me well, you know that’s pretty early for me. I can often be a night owl as well as an early bird. On Monday, I was actually dreading much about the entire week. There was just too much going on. Much that felt, outside of my comfort zone. I had this feeling of anxiety that I couldn’t calm, yet, I couldn’t put my finger on the reason behind it. I think that after the evening event, my mind and body finally relaxed and so I crashed.

Last night I attended my bosses retirement party at a nice hotel here in town. He still has one more week in the office, but it’s beginning to settle in, that he’s leaving. I am so happy for him, yet, so sad to see him go. If you’ve ever been to this type of event, you know that it can become quite the roast. The CEO, President and a couple of VP’s got up to say their “fond” farewells. But my boss, having the heart and great sense of humor he does, took it all in stride and enjoyed the moment. That said, they did add into the mixture, stories of his heart for the customer that we serve and how much time and effort he put into what he did for them.

Funny thing…prior to this event, I spent a lot of time bending the ear of HB and a close friend regarding the weird anxiety I was feeling. Both assured me that everything would be just fine. I wasn’t being asked to do anything outside of my comfort zone and I really needed to relax. I was concerned that, being his assistant, they would expect me to stand up and say something and honestly, I just didn’t feel up to the task. Not in front of all of those people!! My plan was to stand back, sentiments in check, where I wouldn’t tear up in front of others…where I’d be most comfortable.

After the Execs said their farewells, they opened the mic for anyone else. No one seemed to need to add anything more than what was already expressed. My boss, for the most part, kept to himself so while people admired him in many ways, no one really knew him well. Somewhere deep inside of me, I felt a nudge. So…with heart pounding out of my chest, bottom lip already quivering from emotion, I put my left foot in front of the other and took the podium before a room full of people to share my sentiments. My voice started out with a quiver, but soon I got into my groove. My racing heart calmed down and I was able to paint another picture of a really great man; one they didn’t’ really know. They’d already heard about his heart for the customer, and I wanted them to know his heart for all of us, his fellow co-workers. My message was short and sweet, but I believe it served to be powerful – not so much for the people listening, but for the humble man I’ve really enjoyed working for.

My insightful thoughts I’ve gained from this: I think we have things to say to others that we often hold back on for various reasons. I think we worry that we might sound silly or that we’ll show emotion and then feel embarrassed. But think about that other person. Our encouraging words can lift another’s soul – and they need to be spoken out loud. I think it’s so much better to risk the awkward moment then to never say it at all.

So friends, I encourage you to step up and be brave. Share your encouraging voice with others, whether it’s in a crowd or in private. Send a note to someone who you appreciate and tell them why. I think so many people walk through life not even realizing the impact they have on others. Even their smallest efforts can be huge to someone else, and they need to know this.

So, Happy Friday! Keep your eyes open today for opportunities to tell someone just how much you appreciate them. And let me just say to all of you…I cannot express enough, how much I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my random ramblings. It means the world to me. But more than that, I appreciate your friendship. I wish you all a fabulous day!


friday chats

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