Coffee’s On!


…so pour yourself a cup and let’s chat!

Certain days of the week I write on specific topics, like…

The Monday Morning Pep Talk – this is my “let’s do this” power talk.

The Friday Morning Chat – is my wrap up of the week.

The Porch Post – weekend reflections from my favorite spot to sip on a cup of coffee.

Other days I give myself the freedom to ramble on about other things, like…

The Blogging Writer in Me (insight as I follow my passion to write)
The Coffee Pot (sort of like “water cooler chats” – with tastes of coffee humor)
The Simple Life (my life long quest to achieve this).

But if you’re looking for tons of encouragement, be sure to look up The Journey – where I write a lot about my personal life and walk with Him. It’s all about the journey I’ve already been on and the road that’s still ahead.

You can also search by
Month or Category. ⇒


morning beverage

My words are honest, casual and simple and my hope is that they will lift your spirit or give you some good food for thought as you walk through your day.

Maybe you’ll find something that someone you know needs to hear, so you’ll pass it on. The thought of that makes me smile.

Welcome to my page! 🙂


Happy Reading!

~ CindyLu 


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