To: My Favorite Booty!

I cannot stop laughing at this!

After a busy morning, I had just come home and was getting ready to begin some Saturday afternoon chores. I walked through the house, pulling back curtains, and opening windows to let the sunshine in.

I stepped out onto my front porch to re-arrange some of the chairs, from visitors we had earlier this week. As I walked across to where my two favorite wicker chairs sit, I noticed a piece of paper laying in the seat of one. I almost dismissed it as something one of my grandsons probably left there. But the words caught my eye and I had to do a double take…

from my chair1

It took a minute for the words to register. I somehow let out a laugh that sounded a bit like Goofy, “GUH-HYUK!” and then slowly opened it and read the rest of the message…

from my chair2

BWAHAHAHA!! Oh my goodness….this just made my day. I can’t help giggling over this very simple, but extremely sweet, note. I especially love the Harley-Davidson note paper. Hahaha!!

To whomever left this for me...THANK YOU! Not only does it tell me that you read Zoning In but, wow!, that you cared enough to make a special trip to my front porch to remind me. So I’m raising my hot cup of coffee to you right now, dear friend. I’ve pulled a book from my library that I’ve been wanting to read for years and starting it right now. 🙂 From the bottom of my heart, thank you, for having an awesome sense of humor and a very sweet heart. Praying the blessings of your life runneth over.

Happy Saturday, friends!

from my chair3



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