Begin Again

It was a little over a year ago when HB and I read about and committed to a drastic lifestyle change. I’m referring to the way we were eating…because we were, essentially, out of control! This new and drastic change meant removing all wheat products (regular flours, pasta, cereal, etc.), grains and sugar from the diet. We’re talking a complete overhaul.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with hypertension and HB was diagnosed with high cholesterol and Type II Diabetes. We both started up on meds, but didn’t really take things serious enough to start eating better and exercising. When I read about eliminating these foods and the testimonies of people who were becoming healthy again by this drastic approach, I was intrigued and ready for a change.  We decided this was totally what we needed and went head-on into it.

First on the list was a complete revamp our kitchen pantry. I still remember the day my kids showed up to get twelve grocery shopping bags filled with our processed foods. They thought we had gone stark raving mad. Truth is…there was a little part of us that thought the same thing. To live without our beloved cereal, breads and pastas…I mean, that’s just crazy! But we set out on this new adventure and found that we loved it, especially in how it made us feel.

It got us back into our kitchen and we began making our own versions of bread with almond and coconut flours. We bought one those nifty spiralers and started making our own noodles out of zucchini and cucumbers. We even began making our own condiments and dressings. Yes…we’re talking over-the-top drastic changes. We began to love the flavors of fresh food and could taste the difference between something “clean” and something processed. Who knew a healthy lifestyle could feel so good?!

Almost immediately, our bodies began to transform. Not only did we begin to feel good from the inside out, but the bonus was how the weight was literally melting off of us. In a matter of about two months, we had easily shed almost 20 pounds each. We had never felt so healthy. In a matter of months, HB was off of his cholesterol and diabetes meds, and his glucose numbers were coming in, each day, within a normal range. We were amazed!

But…somewhere along the summer months, we fell off of our wagon. I can’t even put my finger on how and when it happened, but little by little we began to introduce some old vices back into our daily life. I strike it up to times when we felt stressed, and in a weak moment said, “Okay, just a little bit.” which then became, “Just a little bit more.” And then, little by little, the weight and glucose numbers began to rise, and the meds returned to the kitchen window sill.

So why am I sharing this today?
Because we have our focus back!

This past weekend was one of relaxing and refocusing. We spent several hours on the front porch, sipping on coffee and discussing our plans for moving forward in various areas of our lives, and this was at the very top of the list. Without our physical health, we will send the ripple effect of being unhealthy into the other areas of our life. If we want to get off of the medications we take – or significantly reduce them – then we have to treat certain foods as if they are poison to our bodies.

And so today, we’ve committed to Begin Again.

I like the sound of that. Don’t you? In the past I’ve used terms like “starting over,” but that has such a negative tone to it. Like I’ve tried something and failed – and I hate negative talk. But, to “begin again” sounds brand new, fresh, light and encouraging.

What about you? Is there anything that you need to get refocused on?
Stop putting it off.
Today is a perfectly good day to Begin Again!


The Monday Chat


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