I Am That Girl

I Am That Girl…

…the one who was teased relentlessly for being different

…the one who was accepted by the wrong aka “hurting” crowd

…the one who learned to beat up bullies with her fists and words

…the one who found toughness in smoking

…the one who found popularity in drinking

…the one who lost herself in drugs

…the one who became promiscuous

…the one who became a young mom

…the one who was abused

…the one who made the wrong choice

…the one whose dreams were crushed

…the one who got divorced

…the one who was lost and blind

…the one who carried the weight of shame like an anchor

…the one who had a hard shell around her heart

…the one who was on a crash course

…the one who felt unlovable

I Am That Girl…

…the one searching for the light at the end of her darkness

…the one who wanted to love and be loved with a vengeance

…the one who wanted to fight for her life

…the one who wanted to be accepted for who she was

…the one who collided into another troubled soul

…the one who found true love and acceptance

…the one who gave up the substances that promised to bring happiness

…the one who re-married

…the one who wanted to be a better wife and mother

…the one who began to dream again

…the one who began to feel hope in her heart

…the one who began to feel lovable

 I Am That Girl…

…the one who surrendered her life

…the one who was finally found

…the one who could finally see

…the one who finally let go of the anchor

…the one who felt the weight of the world fall off of her shoulders

…the one who found a narrow and focused course

…the one who found purpose and meaning

…the one who has compassion for the lost and hurting

…the one who found unconditional love and acceptance

…the one whose heart softened

…the one who dared to follow her dreams

…the one who found real happiness

…the one who loves Jesus.

I Am That Girl.

~CindyLu Upton



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