Coffee Bean


There’s a cat who visits my front porch
I see her every day
She wanders about the neighborhood
But my chair she loves to lay

She’s got yellow eyes and is black as night
And as happy as can be
When I lay my hand upon her head
She purrs and meows to me 

The very first time we ever met
Was a beautiful summer’s day
She reminded me of a cat I once had
So I didn’t shoo her away

I was drinking my morning coffee
That day she first showed up
So I appropriately named her Coffee Bean
And petted her while finishing my cup 

I take pictures of her as she wanders about
She loves to adventure and roam
I often wonder what fun she finds
At other people’s homes 

As the day turns to night she returns the chair
To snuggle up for some rest
I believe it’s safe to confidently say
That she thinks my porch is the best. 

I’ve grown quite fond of this beautiful cat
Who loves to adventure and roam
Little Coffee Bean can always call
My front porch her happy home 

~by CindyLu


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1 Response to Coffee Bean

  1. Ondra Ward says:

    I love it! keep them coming!

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