Want S’more?

Earlier this week, in my “I can tell you this…” post, I included pictures from the rehearsal dinner we hosted for our son and [now] daughter in-love. In addition to setting up our fancy pizza spread, I also found the idea for a S’more Bar as our dessert – and I must say, it was a huge success! Many who attended the dinner commented on how they had seen pictures (fellow Pinterest addicts) but had never actually seen one in person or used one. Needless to say, it was so much fun to enjoy this first experience with so many others.

s'more - setup1

…and since my earlier post, I’ve received several e-mails asking how we made the boxes and what was used inside. So I decided today’s post would be on creating a really fun S’more Bar of your own.

I wanted mine to be three feet long and fortunately HB had scraps of wood to accommodate the request. He made these in about 30 minutes, tops.

s'more - boxes1

For each box, wood was cut to these proportions:

2 – 1×4’s cut to three feet in length (these are the long sides)
1 – 1×8 cut to three feet in length (this is for the bottom)
2 – 1×4’s cut to 8 inches (these are the short sides)
⇒ Once cut, he used your basic hammer and nails to assemble.

Note: You can, of course, make your box whatever size you’d like. I wanted these specific sizes to fit either a 4-foot or 8-foot table, with room to spare.

Now for the fun part:

I bought the “safe heat” sterno cans at our local Sam’s Club. They come as a box of twelve, and we used five cans in each of our boxes. The flame lasts for up to six hours, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. In fact, knowing that I have these cans sitting around has me planning some-more mallow roasts this Autumn.

In keeping with the country chic theme of the rehearsal dinner, I wanted to fill my boxes with a cobble-style rock, (found at Lowes), but you can use whatever style of rock you prefer. Home Depot also carries something similar.

For roasting the marshmallows, I used 8″ bamboo skewers that I found at Party City, but I think you can find these anywhere. I just happened to be there getting other items and grabbed them. By the way, I did not have to soak them in water prior to using for the s’more bar (like you do when used for skewers on the bbq)…just put the mallow on there and roast.

I wanted everything to look pretty, so I put out separate bowls and plates for the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. That said, my brain has been working overtime thinking up additional items I could add, like caramel sauce and peanut butter cups. Yummo! Basically, whatever you’d like to eat on your s’more is worth adding to the table.

s'more - grahams s'more - marshmallows s'more - hersheys

So that’s pretty much it…
1. make box (or find something else that is non-flammable and would work)
2. place sterno cans where you want them
3. fill with rock
4. put a mallow on a stick
5. have fun!

I’m actually planning a little family get together Saturday evening. To make it a little more in season, I visited my favorite store in the whole wide world – Trader Joe’s! – and picked up some cocoa mix, Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Spiced Cider. I pour the Spiced Cider into a crock pot and serve it hot – it’s a family favorite!

So there you have it…all of the information you should need to create a nice get together.

You will find, as you read my blog, that I’m all about connections; bringing friends and family together for some simple and casual fun. I also love traditions, new and old, and I know this new one will last for years to come.

If you make one of these, I want to know! By all means, send me your pictures!! I’m on Instagram (cindylu_coffeeandatypewriter), so you can always attach me to posts. As well…if you have any easy and fun things that you do, I’d love to hear all about it. I’ll post pictures of our event on Sunday.

Happy Autumn, Friends!


s'more - setup2 s'more - people1 s'more - people2








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