Simple Life – One’s Junk is Another’s Treasure

As the end of the month is drawing near, I am getting increasingly excited – with a little bit of stress thrown in there for good measure. I’m anxious and excited to see a lot of stuff disappear from our home, but I’m still not as far into the process as I’d like to be. This week and weekend will be a big one for us. But I must explain the exciting part!

HB and I attended a meeting, last night, with a few couples from other churches near our own. We are working together on a community outreach project to help local families in need. One of the couples has a ministry called Atlas that helps hurting men and women in the community; people who are down on their luck and are in need of assistance, support and resources to rebuild their lives. They told us about a new branch to their ministry and how they recently acquired a thrift store for their organization.

Immediately, the light bulbs began to click on! I told them about my month of minimizing and simplifying, and the stacks of clothing and other stuff that I’m accumulating. Not only did they want to hear more about the journey I’ve been on, but they also wanted any donations we were willing to send their way. And get this…their doors open the first week in May!

Seriously now…is all of this timely or what?! As someone who believes that everything happens for a reason, I am so excited to load everything onto our trailer and cart it away to this great organization. To know that, not only will this help out some good friends in building their new store and ministry, but also that my junk will be treasures to others in greater need, just excites me to no end.

This Simple Life Adventure just became more meaningful than I imagined.

So bring on the boxes!!
I’m ready to load them up and take them to their future home.




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