I’ll Remember…

….umm, now what was I thinking about?!

The reason I’ve started carrying a notebook everywhere!

But how many of you wake up with a great idea, vow to yourself to dream about it all night long, only to wake up and find that it’s gone?! Ugh.

I’ve thought about attaching a book light to my notebook for moments like these.
I should probably write that idea down!


the biggest lie

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6 Responses to I’ll Remember…

  1. Alison Green says:

    I often think of something great right before I fall asleep at night. Now I try to text myself a few key words to remember, it works, half the time.

    • ~ CindyLu ~ says:

      Great idea, Alison. I’ve also noticed that I’ll think of things on my way to work or back…when I’m unable to write things down. I found a notebook app where I can use the microphone key. So as I speak, it will write it down for me. Funny how the brain works when you really don’t want it to. 😀

      • Alison Green says:

        One night I very sleepily texted myself some tidbits on the death of one of my characters. No complete sentences, just some reminder words. That would have been the end of the story, except in my exhaustion I texted someone else, by transposing my own phone number, they never responded but I can only imagine what they thought!

      • ~ CindyLu ~ says:

        Hahaha! That’s a story all in itself! Maybe it was best that it was sent to a stranger. 😀 Too funny!!

  2. Can definitely relate to this one!

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