Simple Life – KP Duty

Day 3…

I haven’t really been back in the kitchen since the weekend. You know, I used to blame the kids for the dirty dishes that stacked up along the counters, but I’m quickly finding that HB and I are perfectly capable of using up every dish, glass and utensil we own before we start the wash cycle all over again.

So, this past weekend, as I started my spring cleaning, I spent a good amount of time on KP duty. We have a small home with a galley kitchen. Space is very limited, so it’s really important that we keep things to a minimum. That said, for years I bought items as if I owned a gourmet chef’s kitchen (I am a total gadget girl) but I just don’t have the space and honestly, don’t use half of the gadgets I own. So I finally took a critical look at it all and decided I’d only keep the things that I love, need and use. Not easy…but I did it.

I also decided that with just the two of us, we didn’t need eight each.. full-sized dishes, salad dishes, bowls, cups and glasses. After a quick chat, we decided that four was a good number to have available and I’d put the rest away where it’s easy to get to if we have company.

Have you ever heard about setting your kitchen up in stations? Okay, this was like a “duh” moment for me, because it just makes total sense. I don’t know why I never thought more about this, but now I have all of my baking supplies in a cabinet beneath the oven, all of my stove items beneath the stove, plates and coffee cups above the coffee maker, and all of my glasses and bowls in the cabinet above the Vitamix.

I feel like my kitchen is more efficient than it’s ever been. The inside of my cabinets are now “uncluttered” and it feels…amazing!!

So now comes the food part. Because my little galley kitchen doesn’t have adequate space for my supplies AND food, I took over one side of a closet near the kitchen/dining area. I actually prefer it because some of my kitchen cabinets are really deep and food just gets lost in there as it gets pushed to the dark hole in the back. The hall closet has shallow shelves and is much brighter, so it’s perfect for me.

So tonight, first thing on my KP duty is to take inventory. Yep…I’m going through my freezer, fridge, and pantry and I’m writing everything down. Sounds tedious, I know, but I think it will be a great step towards decluttering the pantry. I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone grocery shopping, only to end up buying stuff that I already have but forgot about. I’ve wasted a lot of money throwing out items that never got used because it expired.

And once I have that done, I’ll be able to put together a menu, which will most likely narrow down my grocery shopping list. In fact, I’ll probably find that I already have tons of stuff to make a complete menu and may only need a few staple items.

I know…it all sounds so OCDish, and I suppose it is (that does trickle through the family bloodline) but I really have a deep desire to declutter and simplify and this will be one of the biggest steps in getting there. It’s the process of elimination. goal tonight is to resist the call that I hear from my thoughtful spot (that is, my chair and computer) and complete my KP duty, so I can scratch it off the list.


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