OCD Victories

I believe that gas pumps are designed for people with OCD-ish tendencies. They just know there’s a whole bunch of people like me, out here in this great big world, who can’t stop pumping when it lands on that non-patterned number. For me, a happy number is one that is a multiple of five or ten.

I can’t tell you how many times I reach 39.99 with that big decision to make. “Do I even try?!” And I usually do…so, I barely squeeze it and then 40.01. Gah!! That just begins another round and they’ll end up getting anywhere from five cents to another dollar more, as I work to find a number that feels “perfect” for me.

This morning I had to stop to gas up my Jeep…but I was ready for them; I had a plan. I was standing there, hand on pump nozzle, prepared to stop right where I wanted it… $50.01! I showed them!!

I can’t help but wonder if there will be some other OCD-ish person on the other side, who will have to balance the books and will be thrown off by my extra one-cent. I smile.

I consider my moment of rebellion a huge victory!

ocd victories

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