Embracing the Artist

As I’m becoming more comfortable with writing for other eyes to see, it’s as if I’m looking at things about life more clearly. I’m becoming more attentive to everyone and everything around me – and not necessarily because I want to write down everything I see and hear; good grief, my friends would shudder at that thought. It’s just that my wheels are always turning, waiting for that little nudge, where my heart says, “Oh…that is good.”

I’ve always been one to watch the world around me, but it’s as if I am really watching with a brand new perspective. At times I feel like I’m too keyed into my surroundings – like I’ve become super tuned in…but most of the time, I find it comforting; like I’ve tapped into this side of me that I’ve always, sort of, held down.

One of the coolest things of all, though, is how it’s helping me to see the artist in others around me. It’s giving me an opportunity to encourage and nudge them to embrace their own unique gifts.

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer. She can capture a moment – something that I would just pass right by – and without even giving it words, it just speaks. Another friend has taken up painting, something she always longed to do. It’s amazing how she can express a sunset or the way the ocean looks at night with the moon shining down on it. I’ve got friends who are artists through their music; who can play a song with such passion that you feel it in the depths of your heart. Many others are like me…people who have words flowing inside that they need to put on paper and share.

I cannot encourage you enough to follow your dreams..allow that side of you, that you keep tucked away, to come out and embrace whatever it is you feel led to do. There’s a huge gift in doing what your heart was always meant to do. You find big pieces of who you are. For me, I’ve also found big pieces of who God is because I believe He created me with all of these dreams and the gifts and skills to do them.

My writing won’t look like the next person, so I do my best to not compare myself to anyone else. What flows out of me belongs to me and I’m happy with that.

Whatever your art is…don’t compare it to others. Just be who you are and let it flow out. Because your gifts are unique and won’t look like anyone else.

I’m learning that this isn’t about writing the next best seller (however, that would be really cool)…it’s not about earning a single dime. It’s about embracing me.

I always have words in me. My brain and heart are always turning and seeking and my hands want to take all of that and flow it out onto paper. It’s who I am.

So be who you are. Whether it’s words, pictures, art, music, you name it…
lay down your fears and embrace the artist in you.


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