Abandoned…But Not Forgotten

Back in September, HB and I took a day trip to Old Sacramento. This area, is one of the oldest in town. During the Gold Rush, it was the hub for commercial business. The streets have been built up so much, that there still exists remnants of the underground city. (Definitely something I need to see on a future day trip.) I have lived here in Sacramento my entire life, but realize there’s still a lot to learn about this city I love.

We were there to enjoy the weather, a great lunch and walk through the shops. As we were heading down one of the wooden walkways, we turned the corner and came across steps that led us down to a lower street level…that is, a section of the older city street. So, we decided to explore this area I had never walked through before.

The streets that are more traveled have cobbled roads and wooden walkways outside the stores, but I found this little hidden area to be absolutely beautiful. Trees grow along the broken up earth, like it’s just allowed to “be.” We walked through an alleyway and saw the back side of some of the old buildings. I thought it was breathtaking.

I took photos along the alley and in a section I came across where the old iron works building used stand. In December of 1898, the Union Iron Works building caught fire and was destroyed. It’s said that the fire started in the coal in the engine rooms and only one wall was left standing. Encased in the ground, along this lower level alley, are the remnants of the old Iron Works pillars. The walk through is beautiful but leaves a weird nostalgic feel of yesterdays.

Here are a few shots of this abandoned, but not forgotten area.

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