Monday Morning Chat / September 8th

Today I return to…

Work. It’s been a wonderful and relaxing nine-whole-days of vacation. We spent time with family and friends, but much more importantly (sorry family and friends), time together…just the two of us…reflecting on what’s behind us, deciding about what’s right here in front of us, and dreaming about what’s out there in the great beyond. A good vacation is one where you feel like you truly had one – and we feel like we had a great one.

Healthy Living. Along with vacation, we threw a little bit of caution to the wind (okay…a lot) and decided to just have careless fun here and there with treats we love (can you say “ice cream?”). We decided that there wouldn’t be any guilt associated with it, but that we would just enjoy each and every little moment. No looking back, because we knew that this would be a little speed-bump in the mix of it all. When I hopped on the scale this morning, the reality was definitely there…but my thought was, “But wow…that was fun.”

Writing. Somewhere along the line, I just fell off the wagon. It’s like the words just flowed out of me and then….nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Hopefully you’ve noticed through reading other articles, that I am an encourager. I believe with all of my heart and soul that it’s my God-given gift. I have to admit that the death of Robin Williams shocked me beyond belief, because I just had no idea he suffered so much. But the thing that really threw me, was how so many jumped on the depression band-wagon. Now, I don’t mean that with any disrespect, because I know it’s a real thing. Even big encouragers, like me, have had their moments in the gutter. But it seemed like everyone who had ever suffered, whether in a big way or a small way, started hopping on board. All of a sudden the boards were filled with depressing messages, and people were discounting the encouragers of the world with messages that said, “Quit telling us that everything will be okay.” “Quit telling us that there’s always hope.” Seriously…I read these things in people’s comments on their FB pages.

Well, good grief…what does that leave for an encourager to say?! I was stumped and quite honestly, all of the sadness and gloom made my heart sad. I had no words because I felt that no one wanted to hear them anymore. It seemed that everyone just wanted the world to hear that they were depressed and they all just wanted to linger there.

To all of those that suffer from depression…my heart truly and compassionately goes out to you. I’ve had moments of depression and anxiety, so I know it can be quite debilitating. But, something within me has always been a fighter and I don’t want this life to entrap me and hold me down. So I fight back at life. I’m someone who clings to the smallest glimmer of light. It’s survival for me. And so…I can’t just turn my head and leave you laying there in your sorrow and grief. I must encourage because it’s what I do – it’s who I am. And so…God pricked my heart again and encouraged me to write. I figure, if just one person out there reads my random ramblings and feels encouraged for even a moment, well then…I have succeeded.

So here I am again. Ready to get back to work. Ready to get back to pursuing a healthy and simplified life. And ready to share the words that fill my heart with the hopes that they will fill yours.

Wishing you ALL a wonderful light-filled Monday!!


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2 Responses to Monday Morning Chat / September 8th

  1. Crystal says:

    You are always writing something and weather it is encouraging now or later I have read it. So therefore you have succeeded! You always make my heart smile or brighten my day with your words.

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