Coffee Anyone?

I receive a lot of pictures about coffee on my Facebook page. For some reason, when people see a funny picture or good quote about coffee, they think of me. I can’t imagine why?! *smile*

Okay…it’s true. I love coffee and I drink a lot of it. When I received this picture the other day, my imagination took off. I am now on a quest for a cup such as this.

My idea is to have a dessert get together, one summer evening, and serve up iced coffee in a cup like this. You know, punch bowl style. Maybe get two of them and serve sweet tea in the other.

Seriously…am I the only one that thinks it’s a great idea?!

large cup of coffee

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3 Responses to Coffee Anyone?

  1. Crystal says:

    I have a cup and and plate that big!! 🙂

  2. ~ CindyLu ~ says:

    You do?! Where did you find it? I would use this instead of a punch bowl any day. 😀

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