Simple Life – Let’s Get It Started

Day 10…

I know…I said I was going to wait until this weekend, but I’ll have the house to myself tonight, so I’ve decided I’m going to dig my heels in and get this party started. There’s no time like the present, right?!

I am amazed that I actually feel excited about moving forward. Usually, when getting ready to tackle a big task, I feel a bit of dread; like I’m approaching a big torturous chore. It was good to have a couple of days to rest, to be able to revisit my previous notes and write down some details for moving forward. I feel focused…like I’m envisioning what it’s going to be like once I reach the other side of this. And it looks real good!

As I said yesterday, this seems to be very timely for us. HB is heading out for his week-long missions trip to Mexico. It’s an odd thing…but when he’s away, I don’t do the normal things that he and I do when we’re together. We have certain TV shows that we enjoy watching, but I’m just not interested when he’s not here. It’s not a negative feeling – like depression – but just something we do together, so I’ll end up waiting for him to get back and we’ll catch up together. Yeah…we’re pretty joined at the hip, so when he’s away, the normal routine just doesn’t feel right. I usually go into a strange cleaning frenzy to keep myself busy. Instead of TV, I’ll put on some good tunes and will be-bop around the house.

I know he’ll miss me too – but I have to believe there’s always some level of excitement, knowing that he’s going to come back to some sort of change. The house is usually super clean and organized when he returns.  But, I imagine, it probably also brings a level of anxiety…that lingering feeling of, “What on earth is she going to do this time?!”

I’ve been known to make drastic changes, like moving the furniture around…and I’m not talking just around one room. I once switched our dining and living rooms around.

Then there was the time I wanted to expose the hardwood floors and he came home to a pile of carpet on the front lawn. I did that while he was at work one day…I can work fast!.

I’ve talked about a wall I’d like to remove, so he’s taken precautionary measures by locking up the sawzall. Oh yes…the stories he could tell…

But I promise!…I have no plans to do anything as drastic as that. I think. My goal is to move somewhat fast as I fill the boxes and bags for the local thrift store. I want to move relatively quickly, so I don’t linger too long on anything that I truly don’t need – because if I do, I might be tempted to hold onto it a bit longer.

And I have a plan…for items going into my Garage Sale Room, I’m going to post pictures to my Facebook page, so I’ll be committed to giving them to someone else. If no one claims them by the end of next week, I’ll cart them off to the thrift store too.

Trust me, I have my bases covered. It’s my way of keeping me accountable to the commitment.

I’m curious to know…have any of you started decluttering? If so, what’s working for you?
Inquiring minds wanna know!

So…with that said…let’s get it started!

Order Or Chaos Directions On A Signpost

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