Something Old and Something New…

April 1st

I’ve decided to try something new for the month of April. For the past three months, since starting my blog, I’ve been reading TONS of blogs from others and I find that the ones I like best are those that take me through their daily life. I just like getting to know people.

I’ve been putting some of my random ramblings out here, and have already met some new friends (and thank you for taking the time to read my stories) but other than regular Facebook feeds, I’ve never tried anything quite like this, so…that’s the direction I’m headed.

It’s been an interesting year for me and I’ve kept many notes along the way. My birthday falls in April and last year I celebrated my 50th. Yikes! Gotta admit…turning 50 was very interesting. Being the oldest member of my high school clan that I keep in contact with on beloved Facebook, (gotta love FB for connecting with old friends, right?), I did my best to blaze the trail into this decade so they’d see that it’s not so bad – and honestly, it isn’t. But…it has definitely been interesting.

Coming into my 50’s opened my eyes in a brand new way; I’ve tossed off a lot of old baggage and I see things a bit clearer than I did before. I’m not sure what it is really…but it’s as if I’ve embraced who I am without caring, so much, about what everyone else thinks.  I mean, let’s face it…most of us carry around a whole lot of baggage about image.

I could actually have blog pages for the following: work life (I actually have a full-time job), home life (my favorite place in the whole wide world), family life (just read my “about me” and you’ll see what I mean), my new eating lifestyle (wheat/grain-free since September), church life (my husband and I are pretty involved in ministries), and empty-nesters life (w00t!w00t!). My personal ramblings can go from one extreme to another.

So…for my birthday month, I’m going to blog each day (give you a glimpse of what my personal journaling looks like) with whatever tidbits of wisdom come to mind. They might be something I took from that day or something that came back to mind from the past. Through my stories, I’ve given everyone a lot of background information on me, so now…feel free to join me for my day-to-day living.

To those younger than me…I hope to give you some knowledge with the hope that you’ll let some “stuff” go and embrace you and the life you’ve been given now. Got questions? Well, just ask. I’m a great encourager with good listening skills and will do my best to give you some good “moving forward” advice.

To those my age…I hope you’ll share your own tidbits of wisdom for this watching world or feel free to commiserate with me as we continue to blaze this trail. I look forward to much “I know exactly what you’re talking about…” humor – and the encouragement we’ll share.

To those that are a little further ahead…Oh, what a wealth of information you have for all of us. I hope to hear from you as well so I can glean anything you have for me to take as I move forward.

To all…I hope you’ll find lots of life, love and laughter through “my way” of writing.

So grab a cup of coffee friends, and let’s chat.


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6 Responses to Something Old and Something New…

  1. Ondra Ward says:

    I love it and look forward to joining you each day on your journey. For those out there reading this and have questions …she is great with sound advise and she encourages like no other.

  2. ~ CindyLu ~ says:

    Always appreciate the encouraging words. Thanks Ondra. 😉

  3. Crystal says:

    I think this is a cool idea and will be a little different but fun. 🙂

  4. Very, very nice. I like it. And being that I’m a “little bit further on” (nice way you put that, by the way), I’ll add my sage advice if ever I have any. 🙂

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