Why I Stopped Using the “B” Word

Sometimes I hear it said or I’ll see people write it on their profile pages, and I just can’t resist replying with those words of wisdom…

You see, there was this day…a long time ago…and I was grounded to the house again. I hated that. I would much rather be hanging out with my frends outdoors. I went to my room to try to find something to do. I thought, “Maybe I’ll read, listen to some music, clean…or maybe I’ll write something. Yeah…that’s it, I’ll write something.”

I figured I’d best not do anything permanent, so I chose a pencil and proceeded to write…”I’M BORED!” all over my bedroom. I wrote it on the walls, the door jamb, the door, some of my posters, my dresser, my window sill…whatever looked pencil worthy, I wrote it there.

At some point, my mom had opened the door and was just watching me as I doodled away. I was pretty shocked when I turned and saw her there. I stood, frozen for a second…me staring at her and her just taking it all in.  I’m sure she was ticked, so I prepared myself for an argument.

Finally, she turned, looked directly into my eyes and with a smile, she said, “Honey…only boring people get bored.” With that, she turned, walked out the door and shut it behind her.

Wow…talk about a sucker punch. I stood there for several minutes, taking in what she had just said to me. Absorbing what that meant! And then…I couldn’t help but laugh at her wisdom and sense of humor. I proceeded to erase it all and to this day…I have never uttered the “B” word again.

~CindyLu Upton~



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