Re-Charged Again

Ever have those days where you just feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? I sure have!

Ever have those days where you’d like to travel to some uncharted island where you can’t be reached? Or more simply…just want to shut off the phone, the computer, put your head under the pillow, and pull the covers up? I sure have!

I believe we are naturally prone to help others. We encourage and fix as much as we can…it’s just par for the course of our lives. Add to that our others roles in life…and wow, it can become quite overwhelming sometimes. We can spend a lot of time lifting others, which can leave us feeling exhausted and out of energy. It’s often very easy to focus our attention on others and leave ourselves to fall by the wayside. Not good.

I heard a great message on Sunday.A great reminder of three, very important, promises:

  • I am never alone!
  • God’s love has no limits!
  • My life has purpose!

This morning I picked up my devotional and the first words I read were, “I am with you always…” – the very last words Jesus spoke before he ascended into heaven.

Like salve to a wound…I needed that. Amazing how those simple but powerful words can lift and encourage my sore and drained spirit.

He is here with me…not “some” times, or “most” of the time…but always!

I am re-charged once again!

What about you? Have you been re-charged today?

If so, how did it encourage you? If not, what  are you waiting for?!

i am with you always

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