Mornings Like These

I love mornings like these. It’s not because of the beautiful weather, because it’s actually foggy and dreary out. It’s not because I woke up feeling energized for the day, because I could have slept a teensy bit longer. No, I love mornings like these, because even though it’s foggy and I’m on the tired side, my heart feels wide open. I always long for these kind of days to stick around for a while, but they often diminish when I allow the world around me to seep in. So today, I’ll cling to this moment.

My day often goes like this: wake up early, drink coffee, get on-line to check messages, read articles, drink more coffee, comment on friend’s posts, and then rush around getting ready because I spent too much time doing all of those other things. Today was such a morning and I got out the door late for work…again.

As I headed down the street and out of the neighborhood, I heard a familiar song on the radio. I sang a few bars and then silently and quickly asked God to fill me with His presence – and to help me see Him today. Amen. Short and easy…and rushed.

I caught all of the red lights on the way to the freeway that brings me to work. It figures. As I entered the freeway, I turned the music station up loud, as I always do. I drive a Wrangler and if you’ve ever driven or ridden in one, you know how loud they are. If you want to hear music, it must be up loud.

So, as I was listening to my favorite music station, “Word of God Speak” came on. Oh man, I just love that song. It speaks so deep into my heart and is such a beautiful and simple picture of how I like my quiet time with Him…even though it doesn’t always happen that way. So, I started singing along, listening to the wonderful words, just letting them fill my heart…and before I know it, my brain begins its drift.  I began thinking about my day ahead; what’s in my “To Do” folder to take care of, the e-mails that I still have to respond to, calls I need to make, paperwork I need to fill out…and as I got off the freeway, I realized that I didn’t even listen to the rest of the song.  Oh, how my brain betrays me. I hit two more red lights before entering the plant where I work. It figures. Isn’t that the way running-late-days go?

As all of stragglers raced through the (finally turned green) light, cars were stopping ahead and I thought, “Great. Now what?!” But as I got closer, I could clearly see that a pretty little family of deer was crossing the road to the other side of the surrounding field areas. My heart changed instantly. I looked out into the field, from where they came, and saw other deer hiding in the woods. I could have pulled over and just sat there for a while.

Of course, I didn’t because I needed to get to work, but as I drove into the parking lot, that song started playing in my heart, “…Washing my eyes to see Your majesty. To be still and know that You’re in this place. Please let me stay and rest in Your holiness. Word of God Speak.”

“Oh yes, I hear You,” my heart replied back. It was clear as a bell…in the midst of my busyness, I need to learn to slow down and really see the beauty that surrounds me. His communication to me goes on and on…if I would just be still and listen. I need to slow down and spend more time with Him.

Oh, how I love mornings like these.

deer in field

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